These are the main characters portrayed in this patriotic, funny, nostalgic and joyous production featuring an amazingly talented cast of Year 5 & 6 Students from Walton Priory Middle School.


Where the character names are underlined, you can click on the link to find out more about them.


Glenn Miller

(Trombonist and leader of the world famous band)

Tex Beneke & The Modernaires

(Singing group who worked almost exclusively with the Glenn Miller Band)

The Andrews Sisters

(Singing trio)

Neville Chamberlain

(British Prime Minister in 1939)

Rob Wilton

(North-of-England comic)

Winston Churchill

 (British Prime Minister in 1940)

Tommy Handley

(BBC' Radio's ITMA (It's That Man Again)

with Colonel Chinstrap, Sam Scram, Ali Oop and Mrs Mopp)

Alvar Liddell

 (BBC News Reader)

Lord Haw Haw

(Alias William Joyce - an Englishman working for the German Radio Propaganda)

Max Miller

(A saucy comic affectionately known as the 'Cheeky Chappie' )

George Formby

(Northern comic and ukelele player)

Rita Hayworth

(Glamorous Hollywood actress)

Field Marshal Bernard Law Mongomery ('Monty')

(Commander of the Desert Rats at  El Alamein)

Dame Vera Lynn

(An English singing star - 'The Forces Sweetheart)

Gracie Fields

(The famous 'Lassie from Lancashire)

Adolf Hitler

(Leader of the German Nazi's)

Dr Charles Hill - The Radio Doctor

(Wartime broadcaster of tips to keep the British population healthy)

Alan Ladd & Veronica Lake

(Hollywood film stars)

Alice Fay

(Hollywood film star)

James Ellison

(Hollywood film star)

Henry Hall

(Famous British band leader)




Admirals, Air Raid Wardens, American Sailors, American Soldiers, Army Sentries, A Cowboy, Evacuees, Farmers, Foster Parents , Homeguards, Landgirls, Lovers, RAF Pilots and Wrens.