Happy As A Sandbag' is a musical entertainment in two acts recalling the happier and more memorable moments of wartime Britain between 1939 and 1945. It's patriotic, it's nostalgic and it's joyous - a thoroughly great evening's entertainment with plenty of audience participation, community singing and flag waving.


Within the space of 2 hours, the wartime years are carefully explored by a talented company of Walton Priory Middle School Year 5 & 6 Students through a series of sketches, speeches, demonstrations and musical medleys.


Among the topics and events covered are the evacuation of children from London, the recording of BBC Radio comedy programmes, the utilisation of women to make munitions and farm the land, the rationing of food and the Home Guard - all dispersed with more than 40 truly great and memorable songs from the era. In the words of one of those songs, there will indeed 'Always Be An England'!


Over 25 famous wartime characters are portrayed by a brilliant young cast in 'Happy As A Sandbag'. These include The Andrews Sisters, Neville Chamberlain, Rob Wilton, Winston Churchill, Tommy Handley, Lord Haw Haw, Max Miller, George Formby, Rita Hayworth, General Montgomery  ('Monty'), Vera Lynn, Gracie Fields, Adolf Hitler and Henry Hall.


Also portrayed in the show are Admirals, Air Raid Wardens, American Soldiers and Sailors, Army Sentries, Evacuees, Farmers, Foster Parents, Homeguards, Landgirls and RAF Pilots and Wrens.


'Happy As A Sandbag' takes to the stage at the Walton Priory Middle School, Beacon Rise, Stone, on Thursday 12th November and runs for four performances. There is one performance nightly at 7.00 p.m. and a matinee on Saturday 14th November at 2.00 p.m.


Tickets are now on sale and available from the Stone Little Theatre website - www.stonelittletheatre.co.uk/tickets - and from main reception at Walton Priory Middle School - Telephone 01785 814930.




Our photographs show some of the main characters portrayed in this patriotic, funny, nostalgic and joyous production featuring an amazingly talented cast of Year 5 & 6 Students from Walton Priory Middle School.


Left (top to bottom) - Glenn Miller, Gracie Fields, Neville Chamberlain,

Rita Hayworth, Max Miller and Henry Hall.


 Right (top to bottom) - Winston Churchill, Vera Lynn, Tommy Handley,

Alice Fay, Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery ('Monty')

and George Formby.


Below - The Andrews Sisters